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We have worked with a wide-ranging class of clients and have delivered proven results. Our clients include technology companies, retail businesses, health care companies, medical cannabis providers, non-profits and labor unions and more. No matter who it is we are working with, we bring unique perspectives, established relationships, and a longstanding track record of success to the table. 

Below are just a few of our clients and success stories. If you're interested in learning what we've done or what we can do for you, please contact us at the bottom of the page.



below are a few of our favorite cases

Madeleine Albright's global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm had an international client who was looking at investing in ports on the east coast in the USA. Albright Stonebridge Group hired us to do an assessment of the state of affairs and future challenges pertaining to port operations on the east coast - specifically in New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore.

Airbnb is a homesharing technology platform that has disrupted the traditional hotel and travel industries. At the beginning, they operated in cities without proper legislation in place to protect their customers or business. Airbnb hired us to provide direct lobbying services and legislative drafting to ensure they were operating in Philadelphia within the confines of the law. We provided similar services to the ridesharing company Lyft.

It is no secret the industry of legal cannabis is taking off. With states all over the country either legalizing recreationally or medicinally, there are tremendous opportunities to get involved at the ground level of this massive industry. When Pennsylvania opened up and began offering licenses to farmers, we were hired by Pennsylvania Medical Solutions and ILERA. We are proud to say we went two-for two. Both our clients were awarded grower/processor licenses. 

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