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David Scott Partners

leaders in government relations 


David Scott Partners bridge the gap between the private and public sector. A team of former elected officials, campaign strategists, and business consultants, our experience can provide a unique understanding of your problem. We will then use our relationships, along with our know-how, to provide proven results that affect the issue in a way that benefits you, our client. 

"DSP helped us pass the best law in the country in the shortest period of time."



Lobbying services

We have extensive experience helping clients with direct lobbying services, legislative drafting, government contracting, and more. We help navigate the complex waters of working with the government. 

Coalition building & Grassroots advocacy

We help make your team better communicators. The end result: creating awareness, spreading your message, and making sure the right people hear what you want to say.

Strategic consulting

Our experience working with both the public and private sector is available to you. We provide procurement services and assistance in making the government your customer. 


We have seen success working with local labor unions, international trade organizations, rising technology companies, local and national non-profits, individuals seeking public office, and more. Our bipartisan approach to business and government provide unique solutions to complex problems. We thrive in challenging situations and deliver on what we say; whether it's securing a limited number of legal cannabis distribution licenses, or consulting a global strategic advisory & commercial diplomacy firm on the opportunities and challenges associated with a specific US investment,

we can help solve your problem too. Below is a list of some of the clients we've worked with in the past. If you're interested in working with us, please reach out at the bottom of this page.



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